Apple cooking up a Brand New Innovative Keyboard for their new Mac

Since the year Apple Inc. introduced the MacBook to the world, it has been constantly working on making things better and better. The company has managed to wow the public time and time again with the unique innovations it makes. Last year, the MacBook got the Force Touch technology, which can understand the pressure of the touch applied to it and also manage to measure its sensitivity. Nevertheless, the American technology giant is in no mood to stop the enhancement process as now it is coming up with some new keyboard designs for its MacBook.

The most current MacBook is the slimmest of its iteration and its keys have almost no profundity, which means that it is perhaps the thinnest device up till now. However, new reports have revealed that the company plans to kill off the keyboard altogether and move to a completely new level of the touch surface. The MacBook computers already boast a pretty large touch-sensitive trackpad, but Apple may decide to use just one giant trackpad instead of a keyboard. A patent was filed by the firm in September 2015, which came to light this Thursday and it asserts that Apple can indeed accomplish this goal.

According to the patent filed by the company, it could incorporate an electronic device with an input structure that’s force sensitive. This would create a clean, customizable and flat surface, which will react when you press it. This kind of surface has been dubbed as ‘zero-travel’ by Apple Inc., which means that there will be no surfaces or keys that move when they are pressed. Instead, the surface will be able to sense the force applied by the fingers and return haptic feedback as users’ type. Configurability would be the biggest benefit associated with the introduction of such as input method.


According to an expert from UnlockBoot, a website about Apple, the user will have complete freedom for setting aside areas of the slate for multiple trackpads, a numeric keypad or even a specialty set of keys. This sounds incredible, but the question is how you will figure out which key is where? Luckily, Apple has proposed a solution for this problem as well. According to the Cupertino, California giant, a group of holes or micro-perforations will be present with individual areas or keys becoming visible, depending on the light from below. The company also said that there will be other benefits from this system such as a lower risk of component failure.

Furthermore, less dirt will enter the computer, which can reduce the chances of damage. The only issue is that there may be a long while before we are able to see this technology on an actual device. Not all patents filed by Apple are actually incorporated into products and even if they are, it still takes years until they finally reach the consumers. Another patent was filed by Apple in February 2016, which promised a close-proximity, no-touch surface, one that doesn’t need to be touched for performing actions. Apple could actually combine these two patents to create something truly unique.

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